A downloadable game for Windows


Fall is an atmospheric game where you grow up and learn new skills as you traverse through the forest alone in search of your mother. 

  • Single Player
  • No combat
  • Atmospheric
  • Music
  • Skill acquisition as you grow up
This game was made in Game Maker Studio 2 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRasyiqah Takiyaudin
GenrePlatformer, Role Playing
TagsAtmospheric, Music

Install instructions

Download and extract 


Fall_1.0.1.zip 36 MB


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Hey there, Devs.
I tried to play this game and the controls are a bit wonky. I got through fall and spring. I have a video of it. But when I interact with the shelter in the Spring level it keeps not letting me interact? And I kept having to restart levels to try and get around it.

Thought this was a cute story. Poor pup always dreaming of her mom :(

I had a play and did a video. I did play it a couple of times previously and had a few issues but I played it again and not a fault. Great graphics, great storyline and I think this was way to short. Well done DEVS

Thanks so much for the video and the feedback. Really appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the game! 


Sor for taking a day to get back to you. Let me do some testing and I'll upload a video.




I just thought I'd let you know that I did  a video earlier and the game was almost uncontrollable with the keyboard. Do you want me to post the video up for you or are you ok to do some further testing?

Looks good btw


Hi! Thanks for trying out the game. I am not aware that the game is almost uncontrollable with the keyboard.  Do you mind giving me more details as to why? I am working to further improve the game at the moment so your feedback is highly appreciated :) 

Thank you